How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

A good domain name is important for business credibility, branding and SEO. If your business name is “Ali’s Florist Sdn Bhd” with a completely different domain name such as what does that tell your customers? It may sound obvious but we have met countless of customers that have made this mistake. If you had to change your business name due to rebranding, you may want to change your domain name as well.

The only reason why some rebranded companies will opt for maintaining their domain name is when Google has built a good SEO ranking on that domain name. In this case, it is possible to automatically redirect users from a old domain to a new domain. hHowever if you are a new company here is some tips to choose a good name:

1. Domain Name by Business Brand

The first way of choosing your domain name is by the name of your business. For example, One Digital Squad uses the domain which directly informs business ownership. This method boosts credibility when we inform customers to visit a link they know they are visiting a legitimate link from a known company. New business owners will need to check the availability using an online tool such as If you are brainstorming on the name of your business we recommend using this tool to ensure that your business name is unique. You don’t want to come out with a great name and registering with SSM only to discover that the name was taken by another company from another country. However if you are an existing business that is planning to purchase a new domain that is already taken, the next step is to bid for the domain for a price.

2. Domain Name by Service Type

Businesses in the service industry specialising in a single service can choose a domain name based on their service. Below are some good examples:

“”, “” and many more.

In one way this is very good for SEO because the domain contains the specific keyword. This will aid in ranking for the keyword provided that your website has good content. There are businesses that have done so well in this way that they have branded their name according to the service.

3. Good Practises When Choosing Domain Names

Choose domain names that are short, easy to remember and catchy! Avoid names that may have the tendancy for typo or super long names. Large companies like Google usually solve typo problems by purchasing all the potential typo domains such as and redirects them to But small companies cannot afford to do that! Catchy names like tends to stick with people because they sound harmonic to the readers.